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Will Sellers Press Release

November 11, 2023


 Justice Will Sellers Avoids Opposition in Re-election Bid


Montgomery, AL - As the deadline to qualify to run in the 2024 election expired, Justice Will Sellers had no Republican or Democratic opposition to his re-election to the Supreme Court of Alabama..

Governor Kay Ivey appointed Sellers as an associate justice to the Supreme Court of Alabama in 2017. He was elected in 2018 and is up for re-election in 2024. 

Since his appointment, Justice Sellers has written over 175 opinions The US Chamber of Commerce ranks Justice Sellers as one of the most conservative Justices in Alabama.

When informed that he had no opposition, Justice Sellers said, "I'm gratified and humbled that my record of conservative jurisprudence is acknowledged and respected throughout Alabama. It has been a privilege to travel all over our Great State this year to discuss my six years on the court. Apparently, that message resonated and I'm pleased that no one wanted to oppose me in either the Republican primary or the general election."

Justice Sellers' next term will begin in January 2025. 

CONTACT: Justice Will Sellers – email:; text: 334-546-2536

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