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Will we ever?

August 8, 2022 by Chris Peeks

Every election is the same thing Republicans are yelling at Democrats you liberal baby-killing gay agenda supporting trying to destroy traditional family values soft on crime trying to take our guns away pushing a liberal Obama Biden Pelosi agenda. What are their responses?We are for equality for all the people unlike you extremist Republicans. Who wants to prevent a woman's right to choose to push things like pass high tax cuts for the wealthy with no minimum wage and no benefits trying to take away our guns?

Then the Republicans fire back we believe in the sanctity of life the second amendment freedom to worship back the blue and pro-Trump. Gag I'm tired of these cliches.

When are we going to elect some people that are for the people instead for themselves. George Wallace once said there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two political parties and he hit that right on the head. 90% of them are out for themselves and can care less about their constituents. Their main concern is putting a lot in their pockets.

We are 30 trillion in debt and for some reason, nobody can sit down and figure out how to balance a budget. Our spending right now in the short run is going to end up bankrupting us like Rome did in the long run when we have exhausted all monetary value. We have had people in office for 40 years. Enough is enough. Throw the bums out!

Chris Peeks

Report and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor


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