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Lol, I Bet you wish someone would have yelled "STOP THE PRESSES."

By Chris Peeks November 05, 2023

I remember watching a Trump rally one night when the former president pointed to the journalist in the back and said "Look at those vultures."More valid words were never spoken. I never dreamed I would be a part of these predators. I may have gone after some people pretty hard. But hey, I never killed anybody.

Good job, 1819 News killing Bubba Copeland. The Smith Station Mayor and Baptist Church Preacher shot himself in front of police conducting a welfare check. The suicide came after their "Witch Hunt" published a series of articles about the small town mayor crossdressing. Of course, this went state-wide, and people like Rick and Bubba jumped all over it. I wonder what they are going to say about this.

I mean, what were you thinking? Let's destroy the man's life because we can? Who approved these stories? How did you even go about investigating it? And why? This was not a story.  Well, it is now. And you have just reduced yourself to tabloid journalism.

Well, I have a story for you,  the one that headlines the end of this sad little chapter. It will probably be titled something like this. "1819 News ordered to pay 2.5 million dollars in wrongful death lawsuit."

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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