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The Liars

October 22, 2023 By Chris Peeks

Since I published the article regarding the bonuses for all Alabama Powers employees, the three prominent people who cover

for them, Paul Sasshy, April Marie Fogle, and Dale Jackson all came out swinging, and all three missed.

They told all the other journals not to believe anything I said. I was a liar even though I had everything impeccably sourced. They all walked around pounding their chest like Vikings biting a giant chunk off a turkey leg. I guess they didn't know me. I guess I thought I would lie down and take it.

Well, I never back down from a challenge, especially not from those three stooges. They get their marching orders from. Matrix. April wouldn't know the truth if it spit in her face, and I don't even know if Paul can spell lie. But Minister of Propaganda Dale Jackson, who tries to bully people into thinking his way, reminds me of the timid little kid who got picked on in school. These three are nothing but snake oil salesmen for Alabama Power peddling your overpriced energy while you get nothing in return except an empty wallet.

The time has come. Take back the PSC. It's your money. It's time we start a revolution with the ballot. I say let's end this reign of tyranny. Though the heavens may fall, let the truth prevail because the truth is the most important thing we have. Without it, we have nothing. We are regulated to government pawns. The government gets the right to govern with the people's consent, and it's time we take it back, starting with Public Service Criminal Twinkle Cavanaugh. Send these fake journalists a message that they can no longer lie to us. No longer shall this den of thieves receive permission to govern our lives.

All three called me a liar. So I called all three of them. Big, bad, tough guy Dale Jackson blocked me on Twitter. His skin isn't thick enough when someone pushes back against crude tactics.

Of course, anyone could guess April Marie Liar wouldn't answer the phone.

The most enjoyable part is the owner of the fake news Yellow Hammer News eunuch, Paul Sasshy, didn't even have the backbone to pick up the phone and admit that he called me a liar. What a coward. Your wife and children must be very proud of you.

Next March, let's send them a message and let those morally bankrupt cowards who portray themselves as so-called journalists know that the freedom of the press is not the freedom to lie. Many Patriots shed much blood for them to abuse the First Amendment to fit their political agenda. Send them a message. We will take this no more.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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