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What Did You Expect From A Pig Other Than A Grunt?

By Christopher M Peeks April 27, 2024

One has to be outraged at the audacity of the Alabama legislature and how they brazenly take from the Alabama citizens with no regard for the well-being of their constituents. It is a travesty that will elect this den of thieves every cycle and continue to put them back in, allowing them free rein to rob the Alabama citizens blind.

The irresponsible use of our money is criminal, and they should be held accountable for it. For example. For example, down in Wilcox County, the tax collector and assessor just got the legislature to pass them an additional 3,000 a month expense account. Now, what in God's name would cause them to need 3,000 extra a month? I'm sure they will be eating good on your dime.


Now I can think of a thousand things County officials could use for that money. Like building an after-school program or a community center for seniors or a park if they don't already have one. But no they decided to give themselves a $3,000 a month allowance for their expenditures. Especially in a state that has only 16,000 residents that 27.4% of the population live in poverty. This is asinine.

This time of corruption has to stop. To the people of Wilcox County, I urge you to call your legislature.

Christopher M. Peeks

Reporter and Columnists

Alabama and Contributor

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