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A message from Chris Horn to the voters of District 7

March 11, 2024

From: ChristianHorn

Subject: Thank You Voters ; CD 7 Electoral Outcome & Withdrawal

Dear Voters of Congressional District 7 (CD 7),

I am writing to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who braved the

weather and exercised your right to vote for me, Christian Horn in the recent electoral process

for CD 7. Your participation exemplifies the very essence of Democracy, America First and it is

with great pleasure that I inform you of our great electoral primary victory, and our withdrawal

from the rigged CD 7 General Election in November.


Your Team Christian Horn emerged triumphant, securing a very dominant significant electoral

win with nearly 60% (58%) of Republican votes in CD 7, victorious in 11 out of 13 CD 7

Counties, with remarkable winning margins ranging from 57% to 66% in 10 CD 7 Counties. This

election is a testament to your unwavering support and dedication to our Republican cause, and

a loud statement that you believe Team Christian Horn is the very best candidate to win CD 7.

You, as a member of Team Christian Horn earned that mandate victory at the ballot box where

your vote was counted, cemented in history and expands the growth of the Republican Party.


I must address the integrity of the electoral process in CD 7. My name on ballot was easily

identifiabe , becasue I ran on Election Integrity when you voted for me in the last state-wide run

for Secretary of State of Alabama. 100 % you can trust meand believe the November 2024

General Election is fixed by the Federal Court for a Democrat to win CD 7, which violates

Election Integrity BEFORE the November election.

Federal Judge Map Manipulation

Only weeks prior to the candidate filing deadline in Nov 2023, our CD 7 District Map was subject

to manipulation by Federal Judges in October 2023. Despite our best efforts and the

overwhelming support of the people, it became evident that the system was rigged by the

Federal Court against the Republican Party, primarily through the exclusive use of Race to draw

Congressional Maps to absolutely secure a seat for "Black Voters" who most frequently vote

Democratic, and will again in 2024.

Chaos Created by Federal Court

Team Christian Horn received the new CD 7 Voter Map Data Databases in late January 2024,

after 2 months of County Level confusion to identify the CD 7 voters which resulted in major

problems in Montgomery County. A media outlet recently reported an interview where 5,604

voters were mislabeled in the voter file as being in the 7th Congressional District, instead of thenewly formed 2nd District that 4,513 of those voters are Black. This is clear evidence of chaos

created by the Federal Court, surgically using race-based Congressional maps which filtered

chaos down to the County level, manipulating and suppressing Black and White voters.

Numbers Dont Lie

In late January 2024 we deployed AI and Data Experts to get to the truth about how the first

conclusion in February was Active Registered Voters would be the only voter data that counts

not Vote Age Population Numbers used by the Fedral Court to racially divide and map voters.

Just because people are old enough to vote, does not mean they register and decide to vote;

especially when the Court made the emergency rushed decision on maps in September 2023

only a few weeks before the 2024 Voting Season and Candidate deadline.

Second, the the Federal Court used Computer AI to create a Map to give CD7 Active Registered

Voters Democrats at least 2 votes to every 1 Republican vote, due to the racial lines drawn by

the Federal Court to segregate Black Birmingham inner city voters from the White "Over the

Mountain" E. Jefferson County voters. In Tuscaloosa County, the Federal Court computers

segregated majority White Northport out of CD7, and put it CD 4 a 80% White District which

dilutes the White vote in CD7, reverse discrimination.

In sports terms, for every touchdown we Republicans score, the Democrats would get 2

touchdowns. The Federal Court made us Republicans a High school team vs the Crimson Tide

in the November 2024 Elections. The fix is in for a Democrat win in CD 7.

Third, on SuperTuesday it is clear that our predictions accurately forecasted that the Federal

Court chose the Democrats to be the WINNER of the Nov. 4 2024 CD 7 election in September

2023. Here is how we know. On March 5, while about 30,000 CD 7 Active Registered

Republicans cast their votes on March 5, 2024, a staggering 61,000 CD 7 Active Registered

Democrats participated in the partisan electoral primary process, with low turn out and low

enthuisiasim for President Joe Biden.

These numbers speak volumes, will not change by November and highlight the inherent biases

that have plagued our electoral system, when Federal Judges to choose winners and losers

BEFORE the General Election in November, by forcing Alabama to implement a CD7 map

crafted for Democrats to win based on their RACIAL design.


In light of these circumstances, I made the difficult decision to withdraw from accepting the

nomination, because it is based on RACE. I made my notice public, through speeches, media

and The Winners and Losers have been chosen by the Federal Court, election handing CD 7 to

the Democrat Party, before we even take one vote in the General Election. The Ballots were

already printed, you deserved to have your voice heard and vote for the candidate of your choice. Your vote proved, I am that choice with a deep responsibility to. Your voice is still being

heard and I am fighting your fight to end racisim, reverse racisim, and protect against expansion

of racisim by the Federal Government favoring migrants over Americans with unearned rights

and privlidges, that will impact the National Electoral College in November 2024.

My name would stay on Ballot, very similar to when Presidential candidates withdraw. We were

very confident to win the Primary, and did so easily, but the General Election is fixed by Federal

Court Race based mandates which violated what we believe in as a campaign team. Race should

never be the exclusive determining factor of our vote, where you vote and who you vote for or

against...thats your personal liberty and freedom. Your AL Republican Party Chairman John

Wahl, reached out to me 7 business days from the March 5 Primary regarding the withdrawal,

and understands that Alabama must choose our Congressional maps not the Federal

government and Race based discrimination is also reverse discrimination and both are not my

ethos, or the charachter of the people of CD7.

It is clear that under the current electoral map conditions, no Republican candidate stands a

chance against such overwhelming odds in the November General Election. However, don't be

discouraged, our focus remains steadfast on the greater goal of securing Republican victories in

Alabama for the White House and the U.S. Congress. If we Team Christian Horn cannot achieve

this from Alabama, rest assured that we will explore alternative avenues anywhere in America

to advance our values and principles, by any means legally required including the Court Room.

Withdrawing, with electoral votes tabulated to my name, gave your vote power to stand

against Federal Court intervention. It is the duty of the Alabama House of Represntatives to

draw Congressional Maps, and I dare defend that right and power to sue the United States

Government for never again exclusively using Race, to draw the CD 7 maps that violates what

Civil Rights marched over Edmund Pettus Bridge, in Birmingham Streets and the Court rooms

breaking Jim Crow racisim, now Jim Crow lives again as turn-coat Federal Court Judges

appointed by Republican Presidents have put Jim Crow in Black Face, creating reverse

discrimination by demeaning strong, intelligent and proud descendants of slavery as simply

"Black Votes".

Making History: Proving Judges Wrong

Finally, I am immensely proud of the historic impact that our campaign has made on our State.

Your votes have shattered barriers and demonstrated that the people's voice cannot be

silenced, regardless of a voter's race or color. Together, we have proven the fallacy of the

Federal Judge's September 2023 ruling to force Alabama to exclusively use Race to alter CD7

and to create CD 2 , which failed to acknowledge the diverse tapestry of support that our

candidacy garnered from urban, rural, and historically significant Black and White communities

across Alabama, a vision that Martin Luther King stated would be our promise. It's policies, not race in electoral politics.

“The law requires the creation of an additional district that affords Black Alabamians, like

everyone else, a fair and reasonable opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. The 2023

Plan plainly fails to do so,” wrote U.S. Circuit Judge Stanley Marcus and U.S. District Judges

Anna Manasco and Terry Moorer.

In the Alabama 2024 Republican Primary 58% of Voters of all races, in 13 primarily Black Black

Belt and half of Jefferson County those who voted Christian Horn were the "fair and reasonable

opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice".

Beloved voters, your vote proved those Federal Judges wrong, we do not need to use RACE as

the exclusive colored pencil to draw Congressional Maps. I am that choice that mirrored the

values of Congressional District 7 an American, a son of the Iron Ore Steel Mines in Birmingham,

a Descendant of Alabama Slavery's Black Belt Cotton Fields,, a son of Dallas County and Edmund

Pettus Bridge, a son of the cause of Freedom in Birmingham, the grandson of a Pastor of 2

Jefferson County Churches during the Civil rights movement a brother of a Roll Tide Football

player...I am Alabama and Congressional District 7 just like you.

Government Intervention & Reverse Discrimination

All voters had a candidate of their choice, and your vote for Christian Horn just told those

Republican appointed Federal Judges that Christian Horn is that candidate that shattered their

myths that in 2024 ALL people vote their values,economics,character, faith and they can think

for themselves without Federal Government and Federal Courts intervention. This Federal

Court decision to use Race in CD 7 appears greatly like reverse racial discrimination, which sets

our country back to 1964 not 2024. America's open border has created a new opportunity to

use Race (Hispanic), which will ultimately really and actually dilute the power of the Black &

White vote. Let's end this now!


Jim Crow race based Federal Judge decisions, by so-called Republican Judges have no place in

Alabama. The Republican Party was created to protect liberty, freedom and justice for all

Americans including the newly freed Slaves. I, Christian Horn is the very first Alabama

descendant of slavery to win at the Republican Congressional ballot box since the 1880s, and

that is a victory for all of Alabama no matter the Race. We must resist Jim Crow in Black Face,

forced upon us by a Federal Court that creates Congressional lines taking us back to the Black

vs. White narrative that taints our national reputation. When Bama & Auburn play we fans only care about the color of the uniform.

Once again, I extend my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for your unwavering

support and commitment to our cause. The journey started with my candidacy for Secretary of

State, and today for CD 7 may have taken an unexpected turn, but our resolve remains

unyielding. Let us continue to champion the values that unite us and strive for a brighter future

for all Americans. If there is anything, or event that changes these above circumstances I am

willing and able for service to you, the People of the Great State of Alabama.

I Love Y'all,

Christian Horn

Data Provided By

Secretary of State

Like you, I am an American, a descendant of Alabama Slavery, and my votes came from urban,

rural, college towns, black, white, asian, hispanic and from famous American historical areas like

Selma, Lowndes County and Birmingham. Team Christian Horn, thank you again!

Total Vote Score

Christian Horn 58%

County Vote Score

Jefferson/Bham 59%

Tusc./Bama U. 62%

Greene 66%

Marengo 60%

Dallas/Selma 59%

Clarke 51%

Pickens 63%

Lowndes 60%

Perry 57%

Hale 58%

Pickens 63%

Sumter 47%

Choctaw 39%

Thank you, Christian Horn

Data Provided By

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Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
14 mar
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A heartfelt thank you to the voters

Me gusta

Christian H. You could have endorsed the candidate still running if you are truly a conservative Republican. I've met Robin and I know she is exactly 💯 Christian Conservative.

You still have time. You can also help her campaign. This would surely allow the people of Alabama especially 7th district know we are not devided but together in winning for the people.

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Herb Neu
Herb Neu
11 mar
Obtuvo 1 de 5 estrellas.

There was no rigged election. Chris Horn lies.

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Cindy Cameron
Cindy Cameron
11 mar

What's up with your last 3 blogs except todays. Won't open?

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Chris Peeks
Chris Peeks
11 mar
Contestando a

Those were posted by somebody who is not authorized to do posts

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