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Alabama GOP gubernatorial candidate Dean Odle on government mind control and MK4-Ultra

By Chris Peeks February 4, 2022 In part three of my interview with Dean, he spoke on "Operation Paperclip." He said this "brought 1600 former SS officers to the United States." They started a "mind control" program—better known as MK4-Ultra. Dean said this project, by using "torture and drugs," and the "recruitment of college kids, some knowing and some without,...

Some got killed. Created Jason Bourne mind-controlled assassins." He implies George H. W. Bush plotted to kill President Reagan by using John Hinckley, who Dean alleged served in the mind control program, as an assassin. Dean goes into the Kennedy assassination, claiming JFK got struck by ten or more bullets. He said, "President Kennedy went against the New world order, the Illuminati people, their whole program and decided he was going to base our currency on silver and gold. He was getting rid of the Federal Reserve. He would get rid of it and free America from the banksters. And that signed his death warrant. " For more, click on the link below Chris Peeks Reporter and Columnist Alabama Political Contributor

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