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Is a nightmare about to be a night terror?

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

By Chris Peeks July 26, 2023

In a cold sweat, I awoke from a horrifying nightmare a few nights ago. Paralyzed with fear, I struggled to gain my breath. This was one of those dreams that was so surreal you couldn't tell reality from fantasy. Overcome with a dreadful feeling of despair that there remains no hope for me or the others around me.

I dreamed I was on a giant vessel lost at sea with no rudder. The captain, incoherent, had no idea where she was in the world. The first mate was a complete fool who had no clue what to do. He cried, murmuring Daddy help me. The sergeant in arms could not control the chaos because the man only knew weakness, and the other sailor faired no better. Only one of the crew had any sense, but he did not have the power to take control of the ship.

As we drifted aimlessly, there were storms to the left and right, but somehow, we continued to dodge them only by the sheer hand of Providence. We all wondered who would take control.

In reality, I did not have this nightmare; I just sat around and looked at who was running our government. Have any of you paid attention to this? We have an 80-year-old governor who does not know she's in the world half the time. We have a daddy's boy who looks like he got beat up on the school ground. He will try to get Daddy to buy his way into the governor's office, but nobody likes him. Then we have the weirdo Marshall who had the Obama sticker on his truck up until he got appointed  Attorney General, and then all of a sudden, he comes Mr. Republican, and then there's Wes. Allen. Then you got the Three Stooges on the Public Service Commission. The only suitable office holder we have who is competent is Young Boozer.

Is anybody paying attention to this group of Keystone Cops running our state? We are like a ship without a rudder. We have no leadership. And here's something that should scare you even more. One of these amateurish officials is going to be the next governor.

We're either going to have Ainsworth, who looks like that kid that everybody took their lunch money from, Marshall, who creeps me out, or Twinkle Cavanaugh, who, if she does with taxes what she does with rate increases, will all be in the poor house

Alabama has to have better than this to offer the state. This has to be the worst group of officeholders in Alabama's history. People will wish Memaw was back in the office. With this group of Barney Fifes vying to be the next governor, all I can think is somewhere out there John Merrill is licking his chops.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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