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District 6 Do The Right Thing

By Chris Peeks October 10, 2023

Politicians come a dime a dozen. Especially here in Alabama. All one has to harp on is being pro-Second Amendment, anti-abortion, and fighting the woke Biden agenda. All you've got to do is out Trump, your opponent, and you will win. Occasionally, someone comes along that actually delivers a message.

Austin Vigue, born in Bowling Green, Kentucky but raised in Wetumpka, Alabama. Is that kind of man. Graduating from Wetumpka High School in 2015, he then earned a degree in political science from AUM and worked as an intern at the Chamber of Commerce.

I have interviewed Austin twice now and yesterday, he went more in-depth into what he wanted to do. He reminded me as if I was listening to a mixture of the populist message spoken by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.

You could hear the passion in his voice as he talked about how he wanted to improve the lives of blue-collar workers. That he wanted to improve people's opportunities to go to trade school or college. He wants to improve people's lives

He didn't preach a woke agenda like so many liberals do. But instead, he reminded me of the populist message that the old Southern Democrats, like Alabama Governor Big Jim Folsom spoke, who created the farm-to-market program to improve roads to help farmers get their goods where they could be sold. This is the type of thinking we need.

To the voters of District 6, ask yourself what has changed since Gary Palmer has been in office? We continue to go deeper into debt. Wages continue to stagnate, and people continue to get worse off than they were two, four years ago. To the voters of District 6 in the upcoming election, do the right thing and make Austin Vigue your next congressman.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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