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BRENT WOODALL FOR PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PLACE 1 Post Office Box March 7, 2022 Tuscumbia, AL 3567


Post Office Box March 7, 2022

Tuscumbia, AL 35674 (334) 590-3388


During the Ronald Reagan dinner in Double Springs this past Saturday night, I told those in attendance about the hidden tax scam my opponent supports at the Public Service Commission. That hidden tax scam is the mechanism by which the PSC causes the utilities it regulates to charge their customers more for their utility bills and then, after receiving the excess money from the utilities, the PSC sends it, not back to the customers of the utilities, but to the general fund where it is mixed in with legitimate tax revenues. There it is spent on projects from which the customers of the utilities may never benefit and in parts of Alabama they may never visit. I also told the people at the dinner that the only RINO we need in Montgomery is the one at the zoo.

Following the dinner, my opponent, who had been present during my talk, asked me, “What tax are you talking about? We don't tax nobody.” He wasn't upset about having been called a RINO, most likely because he recognizes that he is one. He was upset that I was the one who had to educate him about the hidden tax scam he has repeatedly supported with his votes. My opponent has been a member of the Public Service Commission for over nine years and it wasn't until Saturday night that he gained an understanding about how his votes impact the citizens of Alabama. His ignorance is shocking and should not be tolerated by the voters of our state.

His repeated votes in support of the hidden tax scam have taken tens of millions of dollars from the customers of those utilities. That is money that the hard-working citizens of our state could use to feed and clothe their children, put gasoline in their gas tanks, and set aside some money for their retirement. But they can't use their money for those purposes because my opponent took it from them. They thought that they were paying their utility bill when they were actually paying a hidden tax my opponent imposed on them.

Alabama can do better than this. Alabama must do better than this. As a conservative Republican, I will never vote to impose a hidden tax on Alabama's citizens. I will never cast a vote without understanding the impact that vote will have on the people of our great state. But I can't do it without you. I need your vote to put an end to this hidden tax scam. Vote Brent Woodall for Public Service Commission Place 1 on May 24th!


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