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Can the goats get it?

Updated: Sep 1

By Chris Peeks September 1, 2023

In my writing, I like to use "old sayings" or an adage to "put it down there where the goats can get it." When reading Twinkle Cavanaugh's place cards, a saying that quickly comes to mind is, "One good turn deserves another." Meaning, if she puts out campaign material this assinine, I am going to point out how ludicrous it is.

For starters, the card reads Twinkle: Conservative Fighter. We will deal with the latter momentarily, but seriously? Are you just using one name now? Who do you think you are, Hillary? Indeed, you jest. Hillary became a national player. You can't even reach the first string on the state level, but I digress.


Conservative fighter? So what Is the opposite? Liberal pacifist? What are you suggesting that liberals do not fight for their cause like conservatives do? One needs to dig a little deeper. By saying she is a conservative fighter, she puts herself on a level as the only traditional soldier. Okay, just what are you fighting as a conservative again on the PSC?

I guess it's in the following few lines. She mentions being a mother and wife. Funny, I have never heard a man say he is a father and husband in an ad. What message is this exactly trying to portray? Family Values? So, as a female, you are on a higher moral mantle regarding Christian principles? Oh, it gets better.

Next, she talked about supporting the Second Amendment and pro-life. That's all well and fine. However, your job as president of the PSC has nothing to do with that. You are there to regulate utility companies, not set domestic or foreign policy.

Next is when she comes off as downright goofy. She claims to be protecting your Christian Heritage. Can somebody explain to me what that means? And how is she doing it? Good Grief! Voters quit faĺling for this.

Lastly, she fights the liberal Green New Deal and the woke Biden agenda. Same old Swan songs. Second verse same as the first. If you pulled a hundred voters and asked them what they were,  maybe two could articulate what they meant.

I will admit this: liberals do not have the same catchphrases as conservatives. All a GOP candidate has to say is they are pro-life Second Amendment, and they are fighting the insert whatever name liberal agenda, and they will win.

So maybe Twinkle is "putting it down there where the goats can get to it." If the voters are stupid enough to keep falling for this message as she delivers one rate increase after another, they get what they deserve. So keep doing it, President Cavanaugh. To paraphrase Bogart, "Play it again, Twinkle."

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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