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Come next Ides of March

By Chris Peeks August 9, 2023

As we enter late summer, Alabamaians look forward to shorter days with much cooler nights. Football, of course, we relish. Halloween is a favorite for all people, both big and small. Unofficially, we welcome the start of a brand new campaign season to pick our public officials. The biggest race on the ballot this year will be for the President of the Public Service Commission.

Word on the street is Twinkle Cavanaugh is already campaigning and campaigning hard. Now this could be for many reasons. One, she could be testing the water for a 2026 gubernatorial campaign. Or she could just be trying to ward off some would-be Challengers. But my guess is Matrix has already done some polling, and they found Cavanaugh in a dead heat. 

The last cycle's campaign results revealed that the PSC members were vulnerable. And she has a giant bullseye on her back. Her nightmare scenario is to get caught in a one-on-one primary challenge with Brent Woodall. He's got the message. He's got the salesmanship. Now could he get the money?

Last time had there been a one-on-one challenge, Beeker and Oden would have lost their races. You see,  AL Power got caught with their pants down. They had no idea these two entrenched elected officials were that unpopular. So in the runoff, they piled on the money to ensure the sacred cows remained in their seats.

Has anyone noticed that as gas has continued to rise, there have been no hearings about rate increases? And there's not going to be one. They made a huge mistake last time by raising your rates two days after the runoff. They know it.

And the voters remember that. There is an angry electorate out there frothing at the mouth. You can rest assured it will not take much to put them in open rebellion

Just wait till after she secures the nomination in March. Then your power rates will start rising. Bet you a dollar for a doughnut they do.

Now Twinkle is handing out her place cars taking her place as the stalwart providing for the conservative agenda. Flash, I don't need you to fight the liberal left. We got enough people doing that. I need you to look out for us sometimes. Is that too much to ask?

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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