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It would take a David and Goliath Miracle of biblical proportions to defeat her.

By Chris Peeks August 5, 2023

With each passing day, the reality becomes more apparent that Twinkle Cavanaugh will face no serious threat in her quest for her fourth term as PSC President. Why would she? A challenge to her would be a fools errand. There's an old saying, "You can't fight city hall." In this case, you can't fight Alabama Power. Running against her is a lost cause.

Let's be realistic. In 2022 the power company funded more than 4 million to PACs that supported their candidates. If they put up those bucks for that set of clowns, imagine what kind of dollars they would dole out for Twinkle. Seriously, no matter one's opinion of the PSC President, you must give the devil his due. She is a significant player with enormous name recognition that she knows how to turn into voter appeal. Backed with a million dollars doesnt hurt either and makes unseating her almost impossible. She is the utilities companies golden calf. They are going to make sure she keeps her seat. It is what it is.

For a challenger to be competitive against Cavanaugh, they would have to wage a scorched earth campaign. Throwing caution to the wind going after the powers that be in relentless attacks that would take us back to the days of old. They would also need at least 500,000 dollars.

That's where your trouble lies. Nobody has the cash or is willing to go all in to defeat Cavanaugh. It would take some deep pockets to take on Alabama Powers PAC's. So next November, expect Twinkle to get reelected, where she can continue to fight the liberal agenda by giving you rate increases on your power bill.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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