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To the voters of House District 10 do the right thing

By Chris Peeks October 05, 2023

I had the pleasure of interviewing Elijah Boyd this afternoon. Elijah is a candidate for an open seat in the Alabama State House District 10 after the former representative David Cole had to resign after being charged with voter fraud for illegally voting in a district he did not live in. This will be Elijah's third time seeking the office.

Elijah, originally from Missouri, moved to Alabama and settled down in Madison County after he got out of the army. In 2018, he first got into politics and ran for the House of Representatives, and in 2022, he ran again. He successfully challenged David Cole's election for serving in a district he didn't live in. Kudos to Attorney General Steve Marshall for stepping in and removing this man from office because the good old boys in Montgomery were just going to ignore it and let an illegally elected official serve. That's why we are ranked the worst legislature in the nation.

I won't go into all of Mr. Boyd's stances on policies. I've got a link to an interview below where you can hear all of that, but I'm going to tell you about his character.

I came away very impressed with this man. For starters, just because he's a libertarian, he doesn't tow the party line. There were things that he didn't exactly agree with them on, and he didn't try to hide it. The man doesn't put forth two faces. What you see is what you get. He is going to do the right thing no matter the popular opinion. It took no time at all to tell that this was an honest man who was out to do good for the people. That's the type of politician we need. The voters will relate and connect with him because he is a man of the people.

This is a new style of politician, a breath of fresh air that this state needs. I urge everyone in his District 10 to ignore what they have been told to believe they have to vote for one party or another and to the right thing . Elect a man who will stand on principle instead of on party.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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