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How can you fight an opponent you do not have?

By Chris Peeks June 15, 2022

Ok, we have heard it from

Chip Beeker. We have heard it from 'Totin' Oden. I've heard it till I'm sick of it. I'm sure everyone else is sick of hearing them saying this as well. That they are fighting the liberal Biden agenda.

Voters, please do not fall for these scare tactics. These two have nothing to do with the liberal Biden agenda. What they do have something to do with is your high power bills because of this hidden tax they have imposed on you. But since they say they are fighting this agenda let's ask them one question.

Commissioner Beeker, Commissioner 'Totin' what have you done to fight the Biden agenda? *Jeopardy music plays in the background.* The answer is nothing. Your job is to regulate utilities and train safety.

Your key phrases want work this time. Now you have a record to run on and that is a record of sticking it to the Alabama ratepayer. Ratepayers look at your power bill before you go vote next Tuesday and remember these two are to blame for it.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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