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How much does the sun cost?

By Chris Peeks September 6, 2022

The lies and stealing from the PSC knows no bounds. All you have to do is fact check Twinkle, Chip, and Jeremy to uncover their alternative facts. 

They claim to be among the most conservative in the nation. Really, is that so. Well you can fool some of the people some of the time.

Back in 2020 a group tried to get the PSC to drop the solar tax. Because, really the sun is free.  Nobody  pays for it to rise in the morning. Not only did they not end it they increased it from a little over 21 dollars to a little over 32. Slashing solar users savings in half. Their reasoning? They would use power for rolling blackouts. Since when did we have rolling blackouts in Alabama. Does that sound conservative to you?

Wait, it gets better. Chuck Jay opened a solar installation charge only for the customer to be hit with a 30$  charge by Alabama power to sell excess power back to the power company. Basically wiping out their yearly savings using solar power Again the sun is free and how are you charging me to sell my excess power I saved back to Alabama power for the sunny days and then they charge someone for using excess power on the days that rain. How many monsoon days do we have in Alabama? The kicker on this is Twinkle claims she keeps power bills low. Alabama ranks 49th in solar energy costs.

These three rob from Peter to pay Paul. Enough is enough. Send them a message and let them know that the sun is free.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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