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Mccollum qualifies to run for PSC President

By Chris Peeks November 10, 2023

Reminiscent of one of his political icons, Fob James Robert Mccollum waited until the last minute to qualify to run for PSC President against incumbent Twinkle Cavanaugh. This is McCollum's second race for statewide office. He previously ran against Chip Beeker for a place on the PSC in 2022, finishing second in the runoff after a brutal primary battle 

McCollum believes he is the best person to serve as the next PSC President for various reasons. He touted "his business sense and blue-collar work ethic" as necessary for elected officials. He promised to end "the hidden tax." He will push for open rate  hearings and hammered home the PSC "raised your rates two days after Beeker and Oden won re-election."

Mccollum will face Twinkle Cavanaugh in the March 25 primary. They are the only two candidates to qualify in the GOP race, and winning is equivalent to securing the office as the Democrats did not field any candidates.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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