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Press Release from Robin Litaker

November 11, 2023




Birmingham—Former Alabama Teacher of the Year Robin Litaker has qualified as a candidate

in the Republican primary on March 5th, 2024. Litaker is seeking the Alabama 7th

Congressional District currently held by Democrat Terri Sewell.

Speaking to supporters and fellow Republicans at ALGOP Headquarters on Friday, Litaker said:

“For too long, Alabama’s 7th District has been ignored by Washington. It has some of the worst

poverty in the nation, and some of the lowest education scores. It has the #1 and #7 deadliest

cities per capita in the country—Bessemer and Birmingham. Despite having great natural

resources, especially agricultural resources, it has areas that have been labeled with Third

World status by the WHO.

“I think it’s time the people of AL7 had someone representing them who wanted to change the

status quo, and help AL 7 reach its full potential. When I’m representing the 7th District in

Congress, I’ll work for the people of the District and the State of Alabama, not the special

interests in Washington and Montgomery.

“I’m a Republican who believes in old-fashioned Republican values. I believe in faith and family,

and that life is precious. I believe in smaller government, lower taxes, less regulation and more


“As a former teacher and principal, I know that education is the key to success in life, and I also

know just how much is wrong with our current education bureaucracy.

I want to end the Department of Education and put more money directly into the classrooms, so

parents and teachers can use it to give our kids the education they need—not what

unaccountable bureaucrats say they need.

“I want to see that our tax dollars are spent wisely on our people, not wasted or sent overseas

without any oversight or accountability. It’s past time we started taking care of our own in District

7, creating the opportunities for growth other parts of this State have enjoyed. We have too

many needs here in Alabama to waste billions propping up corrupt regimes and questionable

leaders, or fighting wars without end for no good reason.

“Finally, I want to show the people of District 7 that I believe ‘conservative’ isn’t just a word that

politicians roll out every election. Conservative should refer to actions, not empty political

promises. If I’m given that chance to serve, my promise to you is that I’ll be available to my

constituents when they need me. I’ll be totally transparent in what I do, and I’ll always report

back to the people I work for—the people of AL 7.”

Litaker has previously sought public office, running for PSC Chair and PSC Place 2.

Robin Litaker served Alabama’s children in the Mobile and Hoover City Schools for 32 years,

and was Alabama’s Teacher of the Year in 1997. She founded the Alabama Conference of

Educators and served as its President and CEO. She was COO for Wise Technologies in

Fairhope, and currently works as a catastrophic claims adjuster for Pilot Insurance. She has

lived in Homewood in District 7 for over 30 years.

For more information about Robin Litaker, her campaign and her priorities when elected to

Congress, visit her website at


Press Contact:

Bill Chitwood


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