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Will no one respond?

By Chris Peeks July 10, 2023

Over the last few days, I have written some articles surrounding racism and corruption of the leadership of the Talladega GOP. Some of these allegations have been very serious. As any journalist with integrity, I offered the administration a response.

I made numerous phone calls to Sondra Epperson, who, when I informed her of racism In the Talladega GOP, responded, "There is racism everywhere." Interesting comment.

I have made numerous calls to Philip Morris. I am still waiting on a return phone call from me. Above all, the worst is Chairman John Wahl. I have called him, texted him, and emailed him, and I'm still waiting on a response. Is this the type of chairman we meet who needs someone who sticks their head in the sand like an ostrich when confronted with a tough challenge?

As a child, my father taught me that to be a man, I had to face challenging issues and not run from them. That's what a man is supposed to do to meet challenges head-on, as do females who have a backbone. If the Talladega GOP has nothing to hide, why will they not come on air and answer these accusations?

Chris Peeks

Reporter and  Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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This is very interesting 🤔

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