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Stephen McLAMB endorses Brent Woodall


Post Office Box 740594 May 31, 2022

Tuscumbia, AL 35674 (334) 590-3388


Today former candidate for Alabama Public Service Commission Place 1 Stephen McLamb announced that he is endorsing Brent Woodall, currently a run-off candidate for the PSC Place 1 position.

Woodall said, “I am honored and thankful that Stephen has chosen to endorse me during this critical time of my campaign. While he and I were regularly appearing at different events across Alabama, I came to respect Stephen's commitment to bringing the necessary change that is needed in the Alabama Public Service Commission Place 1 office. In fact, the goals of his campaign and mine were very similar - ensuring that utility rates paid by the citizens of Alabama are fair and reasonable. I remain dedicated to eliminating the hidden tax that burdens the ratepayers of the utilities regulated by the Public Service Commission; my opponent has had over nine years to do so and has failed. I will not. To ensure that hidden tax at the PSC is abolished, I need every conservative in Alabama to vote for Brent Woodall on June 21.”

McLamb responded by saying, “I first want to take the opportunity to thank all of my supporters in this race but now there are just two people left, Brent Woodall and, the incumbent, Jeremy Oden. I'm wholeheartedly supporting Brent Woodall for the Alabama Public Service Commission, Place 1 seat. I've watched as four people ran in this race but two of us saw taxes as a serious problem in the Public Service Commission. For Brent, it is a hidden tax. For me, it is a solar tax. Our campaigns ran on similar concerns. Secondly, Brent and I are deeply concerned about huge amounts of coal and special interest money flowing in this race to the incumbents that's organized by the coal miner's union. Labor unions have no place in Republican politics. Jeremy Oden ran into the arms of the union and was financially rewarded. I refused to go ask them for money and Brent also refused. That tells me Brent's heart is in this race for all the right reasons and will bring a true voice of Conservative leadership to the Public Service Commission.”

The run-off for the Public Service Commission Place 1 will take place on June 21, 2022. Woodall has been endorsed by the Alabama Republican Assembly, Conservative Party Alabama, and the Common Sense Campaign. He also won a straw poll in Wetumpka conducted by Eagle Forum. Woodall is an attorney engaged in private practice and is a lifelong Republican who served as a delegate for President Donald Trump at the 2016 National Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH.

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