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Why did his campaign air this trainwreck of an ad?

Updated: May 15, 2022

April 27, 2022 By Chris Peeks

Just when I thought Jeremy Oden could not look any more stupid he takes imbecility to a whole different level. Have y'all seen this commercial, Totin Oden? Who is doing his advertisements? Are they purposely trying to make this guy look like a buffoon? This commercial makes Dukakis in the tank look like Reagan's morning in America.

I'm as a pro-second amendment as it gets but when I see a public service commissioner call themselves Totin Oden and fire a shotgun I'm thinking "who cares?" That's like someone running for county corner saying they're pro-second amendment. Nobody cares. But let's further examine its idiocy.

He's always toting, right? Well, then why is he using a shotgun instead of a handgun? Is he toting a shotgun all the time? And who cares? The PSC has nothing to do with the second amendment or any of the others listed in the Bill of Rights.

The commercial, after saying nothing except for him busting up every target, claims "he runs the public service commission." No, he doesn't. He doesn't even go to work.

The second part says "he's busting higher energy prices." I've written several articles that showed how he has raised the rates of the Alabama taxpayers. Following this comes the line of him "busting up the Biden socialist agenda." The Alabama public service commission regulates the states utility companies. Oden does not affect anything Biden does. Don't fall for that lie.

The commercial then claims "Trump picked him." Another lie. Governor Bentley appointed him to the commission.

The commercial says "Trump knew that Oden would fight Biden's Green deal." Well, how did Trump, out of office, pick Jeremy to fight Biden's green deal? So Trump picked Jeremy after he left in 2021 to serve on the PSC? Is that what the ad is implying? The president doesn't pick a vacancy for that State office the governor does as I stated earlier with Bentley choosing him.

Finally, the commercial closes with he is "always fighting for Alabama jobs." The public service commission has nothing to do with job creation. "Fighting lower energy cost." Nope, he raised your rates numerous times. Last, "American energy policy. Again he has no control over that."

This is too funny. Totin Oden. Well, Totin Oden. Start toting your stuff to the car that's gonna tote you to Cullman.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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