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Woodall keeps adding endorsements

BRENT WOODALL FOR PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION PLACE 1 Post Office Box 740594 May 6, 2022 Tuscumbia, AL 35674 (334) 590-3388 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Candidate for Public Service Commission Place 1 Brent Woodall announced today that he has been endorsed by Conservative Party Alabama for the Alabama Public Service Commission Place 1 seat. Conservative Party Alabama is comprised of true conservatives and its stated “mission is to promote and protect individual rights and freedoms as set forth in the United States Constitution, and to limit the scope of government ... .” Woodall said, “I am thrilled to have been endorsed by Conservative Party Alabama. I am especially honored because, in making this endorsement, the members of Conservative Party Alabama made it clear that I am the candidate who first alerted them to the hidden tax that too many ratepayers in Alabama pay on their utility bills. As your Alabama Public Service Commission Place 1 Commissioner, I am going to eliminate that hidden tax, something my opponent, a career-politician, has failed to do although he has been in that office for nearly a decade. The recognition of Conservative Party Alabama follows the endorsement I recently received from the Alabama Republican Assembly and my having won the straw poll conducted by Eagle Forum. These endorsements and that win demonstrate that conservatives in Alabama are coalescing around my campaign. This is the best opportunity that Alabama has had in years to bring about positive change at the Public Service Commission. I am going to continue to work hard to maintain the momentum our campaign has built and I ask every conservative Republican in Alabama to vote for me on May 24.” Woodall is an attorney in private practice and is a lifelong Republican who proudly served as a delegate for President Donald Trump at the 2016 National Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH. -###-

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