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Is this what we need?

By Chris Peeks August 08, 2023

A recent tweet by Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin shook me to the core of my foundation. Left in a bewildered state, I attempted to come out of the fog I had been put in. Feeling lightheaded and faint, I ask myself,  "Is THIS what we need.'

Like a needle going into a bad tooth , his imagination touched a nerve. Finally, we have someone thinking with some creativity. Instead of leaders offering us the same boring answers to the same boring questions he is giving us something to think about. While Lieutenant Governor Ainsworth continues to position himself on the other side of Governor Kay Ivey, the Birmingham mayor is thinking outside the box.

What did he propose? Instead of a widening of I-65, the Birmingham mayor proposed a Mobile to Huntsville speed rail. Now, folks, I'm unsure if that's the right move or if Birmingham to Atlanta would probably be better. It would take some studies to see which would be best, but what I am sure of is now we've got somebody who's giving us some fresh ideas instead of somebody who is playing politics.

I'm sure I'm probably more conservative than the Birmingham mayor, but at least he's giving us a proposal with some teeth instead of looking like someone trying to grow them as the lieutenant governor does in each feeble to show everyone he is not the Governor. We get that. Though I'm still not sure trying to undermine a governor that is the 10th most popular in the nation is a smart idea.

So while some politicians can fight the woke agenda, I will listen to the one discussing fighting congestion. Im not sure if Mobile to Huntsville is the correct move to make but I know Woodfin is coming up with ideas we need.

By Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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