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How did he not know?

May 09, 2022, by Chris Peeks

Sometimes it's hard to find something to write about and other times the media Gods just smile on you. I was scrolling the Internet the other night and what do I see? Jeremy Oden just smiling at me. Why is it significant? Well, let me tell you.

Jeremy had these images posted on his campaigns Facebook page and what he doesn't realize is for each one of those images he just committed a misdemeanor. This is an election violation according to state law 36-25-5 as defined by 17-22-A and has therefore disqualified him.

So just to put it in layman's terms using State pins, State stationery, and his State office for his campaign is illegal. Now the $64,000 Question is who took the photos? If it's a state employee that moves it up to a felony. So, Chip, Twinkle did you know about the pictures, and did you take them?

I'm not going to report this to the ethics commission. Somebody else can but I'm not. But chairman Wahl now is the time for you to do your duty and disqualify Jeremy Oden. It looks like Oden would know what he did is criminal but since he hasn't realized other things I pointed out. He must be.....

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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