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Interview with Judge East

By Chris Peeks August 12, 2023

Tal East, The Probate Judge of Tallapoosa County seeking his second term in that position, sat down with me today. Judge East, who worked nationwide as a campaign consultant, has deep roots in Tallapoosa.


His ancestors, who, after receiving 10,000 acres for their service in the War of 1812 help founded the area before Alabama received statehood. His mother was an educator. His father, a town mayor, and I believe he said another relative who served as the local mail carrier proves a powerful lineage to the county he adores.

He spoke repeatedly of how much he loved Tallapoosa and wanted to come home and serve the people. He also talked about how he wanted to make sure he was doing a good job. Tal, still a very young man as far as the political world goes, has a bright future. I kidded him at the end of the interview. Could he see a 52-year-old Governor East? And he didn't hide the fact that maybe someday higher office would be an objective, but not at this time.

After graduating from Troy State, the Judge became a seasoned political operative. He worked for the speaker of the House in West Virginia. The national Attorney General's Association. And the NRA. That resume led him to be Steve Marshall's consultant in his brutal primary victory over Troy King in the 2018 runoff for Alabama Attorney General. When I asked him about that race, he admitted that it was "hard on both men" but alluded to the fact that this is politics.

In closing, I thank Judge East for allowing me to interview him. And wish him luck in his future political endeavors.

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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