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The Party?

By Chris Peeks August 10, 2023

So the other day, the Alabama GOP Executive Committee passed a few new rules. I'm not sure if I agree with them. Let's look at a case in particular.

For starters, they disqualify elected school board members from the GOP who accept money from the AEA and NEA. The claim is it will keep out the two organizations' influence by blocking their dollars. Let's be honest here. If the Alabama Education Association wants to give money to a candidate, they will get it—point blank. No questions asked. They will have that money funneled through so many political action committees nobody will find it. But is this a good move?

Dr. Robin Litaker, a former teacher of the year and PSC candidate, has a different take. She believes "that they did not go far enough."  But is this the correct route to choose, keeping these two organizations that have a lot of teachers as members out of having any influence on what goes on in the classroom?

Troy King weighed in when I asked him if he thought the measure would stand a first amendment challenge by stating, "Probably. I would view it as protected political speech. They are only saying you can't be a Republican."

I understand that the Republicans want to keep Democrat money out of elections. But on the Secretary of State's websites looking at the political action committees, almost all donate to both parties. So where do we draw the line? Is it going to come down to the party choosing who can influence public officials and who can't? So who picks the candidates? The party or the people?

Chris Peeks

Reporter and Columnist

Alabama Political Contributor

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