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Where will their power grab end?

By Chris Peeks August 11, 2023

Like an out-of-control cattle stampede beginning to spread, the Alabama GOP is on a power grab as it continues to crush the founding principles of our federal republic. The steering committee has now destroyed the basis of any democracy-type government by removing the voters right to choose delegates to the national convention.

In a stunning move, the executive committee decided to choose convention delegates and not the voters. Now instead of voting for each candidate's delegates, you will only select the candidate you want for president, and their representatives will be assigned. Does this not sound like something the Politburo does to the Central Committee?

Why do these members feel they have the authority to do this? Why are they disenfranchising Alabama citizens? Something has to be done before their next move is to put forth a group of hand-picked candidates with no other opposition on the ballot. I will ask again. Who chooses our leaders? The party or the people?

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